• 1 Quick Integration Time

    With one simple and quick API integration, our operators get access to content across all of our suppliers including free spins and bonus tools. Our free spin API also allows the operator to use their own platform to create free spin campaigns across a number of supporting suppliers. Adding new games is quick and easy and can be done instantly the day the game is released by the supplier.

  • 2 Emerging Markets Access and Knowledge

    Our technical flexibility and ability to integrate third parties quickly allows us speedy entry into emerging markets such as LATAM, Africa, Japan and others. Our team of local experts have intricate knowledge of the most popular content suitable for local devices along with commonly used banking and payment solutions.

  • 3 Localised PSP’s and Content

    Our platform and content is already supporting many international markets and we frequently integrate with additional suppliers to support local content with localised languages, currencies and payment solutions for new emerging markets.

  • 4 AI Integrated Solutions IBEX and Real Time BI

    We pride ourselves on our data driven, automated, and customised approach to marketing campaigns, player experience and real time reporting capabilities. We complement our bonus tools with the IBEX platform, an AI driven, player predictive engine along with our real time reporting tool ‘Insights’. These combined systems provide a fully personalized experience to the player whilst managing cost effectiveness by matching campaign value with player value.


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